On the Cutting Edge

Testimonials for the Micro-Kerf 40

Charlie, of Chestnut Hill, MA - "Just thought I'd let you all know that I have triggered the saw stop with your 10 inch micro kerf, it's why I've just ordered a new blade. Destroyed the blade but all I got was a nick. I think I've seen some chatter wondering what would happen to the thin blades when a saw stop cartridge triggers. Happy to say it works great. I'll send you a picture if you'd like. Love your blades, absolutely the best."

Gary Stott, owner of Excelsior Mfg. in IL. - "Started a project today using one of the blades I sent to you for sharpening. It cuts better then when it was new. That's the best sharpening job I've seen in 40 years making sawdust. Thanks!"

Steve Thomas, former host of PBS This Old House "I finally caught up with your saw blade and had a chance to use it in a big pergola project I just finished all in western red cedar. Lovely blade! Cuts fast and clean and effortlessly. You should do very well with it!"

Jim Hokett, from Magdalena, NM - "Sharpen/service as needed. You guys have a magnificent product! I have two and the one enclosed has been working every day for over a year - sometimes for 8 or more hours a day. I have a very very busy shop producing very fine handmade tools and equipment for spinners, weavers, and other fiber artists. My first micro kerf blade from you literally paid for itself within just a few hours of use - producing several more tools from the very expensive exotic wood that I use. Thank you for an exceptional product! I tell every woodworker I know to use your blades!!!"

Mark Litwack, from West Chester, Pennsylvania - "I have your micro-kerf blade which I purchased from Rockler a few years ago and it is absolutely the best blade I've ever had on my saw. Bravo for a high quality tool made in the USA!"

Phillip Abston, from Greeley, Colorado - "This 10" Micro-kerf blade is my second Micro-kerf blade. These blades are, by far, the best blades I have used. Nice job!"

Dave Levesque, from Millinocket, Maine - "I own a small cabinet shop and with this blade I don't have to worry about using my table saw to rip or crosscut any type of wood, especially plywood. The cuts are always smooth, quiet, and effortless. This blade only comes off my table saw to use my dado blades, and is worth every penny."

Jim Heimbach, from Hidden Valley Lake, CA - "This is an excellent blade. It makes very smooth cuts with little resistance. Where it really earns its keep is when I use it to cut thin 1/8 in. laminates out of an expensive piece of African Blackwood. I calculate that, with the thinner kerf, I save $4 every time I make a cut. I did find that when cutting thin laminates the thickness varied slightly due to blade flexing. I plan to experiment with a slower feeding rate and see if that will correct this issue."

Thomas Brower, from Houston, TX - "I ripped about 1400 feet of 2x southern yellow pine with my Micro-kerf40 without any problems on a project recently! Very happy with the results. Very happy with the ease with which it was done. What more can I say? It has done an outstanding job on ripping some prized walnut too (different project) and I was so pleased to have such little waste. And my blade still cuts as well as I hope it to. Thanks so much for this amazing product!"

Gary Rhodes, from Deer Park, IL - "About thirty years ago, I bought my first Forrest saw blade. Since that time I have purchased three more, including their dado set, that I have used on a regular basis with great results. About two months ago, I bought your Micro-kerf blade and it is now my saw blade of choice. It leaves a cut as smooth or better than the Forrest blades while wasting less wood. Thanks for a great blade. "

James P Lopez, from Robinson, TX - "I purchased the Micro Kerf 40 Blade Friday 11/26 and I started to use the blade today after buiding a zero clearance table insert and splitter. This blade is the best I have ever used and I agree with the other posts. Hardly no sanding - smooth as my planer, quiet, little effort, etc. I am going to purchase another one for my miter saw."

Eric, from Verona, WI - "I have been using the Micro Kerf 40 now for about 6 months. I am very impressed with this blade. I have cut Oak, Ash, and veneered plywood. The cut is very smooth. Almost always no need to joint the edge just a little sanding. A very quiet running blade. I have even cut plastic with this blade. Excellent product, I would not be without this blade."

Brent Dalrymple, from Corvallis, OR - "I just installed this blade in my table saw yesterday, realigned the fence as recommended, and made a zero clearance table insert with the microsplitter. I am very impressed by this blade. It runs quietly and cuts smoothly with little effort. The cuts leave as smooth a face as a jointer or planer. I have always used Woodworker II blades and though they are excellent blades, the Micro Kerf blade is clearly superior, particularly for precision cuts or where waste is an issue. I make segmented bowls and use some expensive woods like ebony. This blade is going to cut down on the waste for sure."

Kent, from Green Bay, WI - "I have used the Micro Kerf 40 blade for cutting Oak, Oak and other veneered plywood, MDF, and Pine. All cuts were smooth and no burning(with zero clearance inserts). The rate of feed is fast compared to my Woodworker II blades, and another thing I like is how quiet the blade is."

Keith Maddox, from Laurel Park, NC - "This blade is expensive, but is very much worth the cost. Getting the blade prompted me to seriously tune-up my saw and install the splitter. The end result is really great. The cut is fast, easy, and smooth. Very little, if any sanding is required on the sawed surface. (Not to mention half the waste and dust of a thin kerf blade.)"

Scott, from St. Paul, MN - "Wow! Not only is the waste minimal and the feed easy, but the resulting cut is super smooth. What am I going to do with my jointer?"