On the Cutting Edge


Sharpening Saw Blades Total Saw Solutions sharpens and repairs any damaged blades to bring them back to like-new standards. Our sharpening service is uniquely set apart from other shops that provide sharpening services due to our quality control and hammer smith departments. Each saw blade is inspected to ensure it maintains a super sharp cutting edge and a run-out flatness of +/-0.001” (0.025mm), for a long lasting run time and a perfect cut every time.

Shipping Instructions

  • When you send saw blades to us for sharpening, please make sure all saw blades are shipped in a cardboard sleeve or stacked together with all teeth rotating in the same direction. Cardboard spacers can be placed between saw blades to avoid damaging carbide teeth. If possible, then wrap all the saw blades together as a unit with plastic shipping wrap (or plastic, kitchen cling wrap). The purpose of this is to mobilize the saw blades and keep them from cutting against each other or cutting through your shipping box during transportation.
  • When you send a Micro-Kerf saw blade to us for sharpening, please ship it in the original Micro-Kerf box.
  • Include your name, company name, address, e-mail and phone number so we can contact you for payment when we have completed your job.
  • Send the saw blade package to the following address:
    • Total Saw Solutions, Inc.
      W4481 S. Cherry Road
      Phillips, WI 54555

Benefits of having a properly sharpened saw blade include:

  • Quieter cut
  • Smoother finish
  • Less sanding
  • Less tear-out
  • Less scrap
  • Longer cutting time
  • Increased product quality
  • More profits
  • Happier employees