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FAQs about Micro-Kerf Saw Blades

Made in the USA, the Micro-Kerf saw blade is an all-purpose cutting saw blade for hard and soft woods plus most plastics. It works excellent in glue-line ripping, cross cutting applications, and chop/mitre sawing. This is a true industrial quality carbide-tipped saw blade, made of the finest grades of metals. The plate is fully hardened, laser cut, precision ground and tensioned with a run-out less than ½ the thickness of your hair (+/-0.001”). The blade has a built in dampening system that reduces vibrations, making cuts quieter and more precise, causing the saw blade to remain sharp longer. This dampening system also acts as a heat sink. It draws the heat from the outer diameter of the saw blade and keeps the blade cutting straight. All of the manufacturing components from the steel to the packaging are purchased in the USA.

  • Superior blade performance reduces energy consumption and material waste
  • Less chip removal equals less airborne sawdust which gives better air quality in your shop
  • A smooth finish eliminates most of the need for sanding
  • A quieter saw means less decibels which protects the hearing of you, your family and your co-workers
  • Effortlessly gives the best quality cuts in all woods and most plastics
  • Has the ability to cut paper thin strips of wood with ease
  • Special tooth grind allows the blade to cut through knots
  • Cuts thin as a dime (0.061”k) with extreme ease
  • Uses less electricity, produces less saw dust, provides a thinner cut and, therefore, gives more profit
  • Also cuts excellent in the cheap, under-powered, portable table saws
  • The 10” Micro-kerf 40 is capable of cutting 2-5/8” deep, but we strongly recommend not cutting more than 2” deep, maintaining ½” tooth clearance up through the work piece, which will keep the saw blade stable and cool. Also, do not allow the mounted saw blade collars to rub on the insert plate or the underside of the wood being cut. This will heat up the saw blade and cause damage. PLEASE NOTE: This blade is not a skim cutting blade. If you need to skim cut, the 10” Micro-Kerf 40 Deep Cut is the blade to use.
  • The 10” Micro-kerf 40 Deep Cut is capable of cutting 3-1/4” deep.
  • The 12” Micro-kerf 60 is capable of cutting 3-1/2” deep.
  • The 12” Micro-Kerf 60 Deep Cut Saw Blade is capable of cutting 4-1/4” deep.
  • PLEASE NOTE: To achieve a smooth-cutting finish, it is important to maintain a ½” tooth clearance through the material being cut. If the saw tooth clearance is too high (for example, 1-1/2”), it creates a rougher finish. If the saw tooth clearance is too low (for example 1/32”), the blade may heat up and start wandering in the cut.
10 – 15 times, depending upon how dull the blade is.
We do not recommend it. The Micro-Kerf saw blade is too thin to take the risk of ruining it. To maintain the proper tooth grinds and blade flatness, we recommend sending the Micro-Kerf saw blade to us for servicing.

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US$20 to sharpen 10”
US$25 to sharpen 12”
US$7 minimum time charge to straighten the blade
Yes, because of the quality of steel from which this blade is made, it can be re-tipped many times.
No, we only sell the Micro-Kerf directly through our company.