On the Cutting Edge

10” Micro-Kerf 40, 1/16" Kerf Table Saw / Chop Saw / Mitre Saw Blades
2-5/8” cutting depth

A 10” diameter, 40T, 1/16" kerf (0.061”) all-purpose, carbide-tipped circular saw blade for cutting hard and soft woods plus most plastics. It works excellent in glue-line ripping, cross cutting applications, and chop/mitre sawing. This blade also cuts excellent in the cheap, under-powered, portable table saws.
Included, is a free instructional DVD & application support.

  • Made in the USA
  • 90 day money back guarantee only on MK1040625

Please note: This is not a skim-tooth cutting blade. See the Micro-Kerf Deep Cut Saw Blade (3-1/4” cutting depth) for heavier duty cutting needs. Click here to see Micro-Kerf deep cut saw blades

$20 shipping

Item#Product NameBlade DiameterTooth #Kerf WidthArbor BoreNotesPriceBuy Now
MK104062510” Micro-Kerf 4010"400.061”5/8"90 day money back guarantee$209.99
MK104075010” Micro-Kerf 4010"400.061”¾"$249.99
MK1040110” Micro-Kerf 4010"400.061”1”$249.99
MK10402010” Micro-Kerf 4010"400.061”20mm$249.99
MK10403010” Micro-Kerf 4010"400.061”30mm

Includes 2 pin-hole slots

splitter guard
N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AMade of stainless steel
$10 shipping,
Free shipping if ordered with Micro-Kerf saw